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Spot on Genarator Rule - Ryan Finkelstein
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When Hurricane Irma hit South Florida, an extended power outage was responsible for the deaths of 12 nursing home residents of Hollywood Hills Rehab Center. To prevent a similar tragedy from occurring, the state of Florida has mandated that every nursing home and assisted living center must implement an approved emergency-power plan and install a generator.

Two-Way Interview on Flood Insurance - Ryan Finkelstein
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Boca Raton enrolled in FEMA's National Flood Insurance Plan back in 1998, which is a voluntary incentive program. As the city is finally about to reap the benefits of this program, Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer has proclaimed the month of November Flood Protection and Prevention Month.

Locked On Mets - Ryan Finkelstein
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Here is an episode from Ryan's daily podcast, Locked On Mets. Make sure to check out the social links at the end of the About Ryan page to see the latest episodes of the show.  

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